Know How Much Your Suwanee Maid Service Will Cost You

Keeping your home always sparkled clean can be a tedious, job, particularly if you have young kids or you work full time. Consequently, a lot of homeowners prefer to hire professional house cleaning in Suwanee to lessen their stress level and most importantly make their lives easier.

But how much a cleaning or maid service should cost? There are actually a few criteria that decides the cost of your Suwanee cleaning or maid service? let’s find out them briefly.

Brite Touch Cleaning

The standard maid service could cost you anywhere between $116 to $227. usually, maid service fees are either decided by square footage or hour. Per hour fee are somewhere between $25 and $35. Square footage fees relies upon the dimension of your room. For instance, a property less than 1,000 square feet averages $120 whereas 3,000 square feet or more could cost $140.

Some maid service prefer to do first time cleaning job by a square foot measurement since it allows them to confirm how long it’ll require to clean your home and to find an idea on what special attention your home may need such as fragile antiques, high-ceiling fans, etc. Usually, the standard single-family house costs $130. Maid cleaning services for apartments averages $100 and for business cost around $150.

Professional maid services in  Suwanee GA are available for one-time cleaning also. This can be helpful for tiding up your house for a holiday event, viewing by prospective purchasers or apartments following a renter has shifted and prior to a new tenant comes in. For the standard home, this price is usually around $200-$300.

cleaning service

To get an exact price for your house cleaning in Duluth GA, contact Brite Touch Cleaning – your one stop house cleaner in  Suwanee and  Duluth, GA. Refer us to your relatives or friends who needs house cleaning and win referral reward from our side.  For any further inquiry, reach us at 770-910-7185!

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